Jean Lamont

Inquisitor of Ishgard, Exiled


The third son of a wealthy Elezen noble, Jean Lamont spent his early years among the decadent upper crust of Ishgard. It wasn’t until he was sent to the church at age 13, being unneeded for inheritance or political marriage, that he truly saw how fortunate he was, and just how harshly those beneath him lived. It was then that he absolved to always help those less fortunate, and this he did with pride under the command of the church. That was, until the cataclysm. As Ishgard froze to death around them, the church’s so-called leaders became more and more desperate and greedy in ensuring the continuation of their own comfort, abandoning the needs of the peasants they had sworn to protect. Jean was heartbroken, and after one last visit to Halone’s Great Temple, he left, her silence ringing in his ears.
3 years after his departure from the Church, and 5 years after the cataclysm that caused it, Jean spends his 29th year serving as a strong-arm in one of Limsa Lominsa’s inns. It is here that he meets a group of intrepid adventures one fateful day…

Major: Faith In Halone (Severely Shaken)
Minor: The World is Injured and Must be Healed
Positive: Charitable Acts
Negative: Abuse of Power

Jean Lamont

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