Kyreann Reed


Supernal: Lore
Talent: Brawl

Echo Abilities:
Echoes of the Stone
Sense the Void

Defining: Badass Bookworm (brains AND brawn)
Major: Adventurer Archaeologist (yay, ruins!)
Major Negative: Using the Past Irresponsibly
Minor: People Are Worth Saving
Minor Positive: Awesomeness by Analysis (figuring things out)
Minor: So That Happened (fixing sudden problems)
Minor: Not Sure How I Feel About That (Allagan heritage)
Minor: Wait a Minute, I’ll Go Check! (often leads to So That Happened)
Minor: Well When You Put It That Way… (HER crazy plan, but it WILL work)
Minor: Well When I Put It That Way… (exposing the crazy in the plan)
Minor: Not Fond of the Empire’s Use of Allagan Tech
Minor: Fine, I’ll Fix It (exasperated with stupidity, but enjoys helping)

Sprites (and corresponding Intimacy):
GIR (Garlean Inferno Ray): Badass Bookworm
DUR: So That Happened
Eos: Fine, I’ll Fix It
Selene: People Are Worth Saving


The only child of an Ul’dahn master goldsmith and a thaumaturge, Kyreann Reed has spent much of her life pursuing the ideal of “sound mind, sound body,” dividing her time between scholarly pursuits and training in hand-to-hand combat, first with her pugilist uncle and then, after his death on the fields of Carteneau, with members of the Pugilist’s Guild. Her true love, however, is lore, which led Kyreann to choose the path of the Scholar as her profession.

Kyreann’s family descends from the ancient Allagan Empire, a bloodline which brings with it unusual abilities and a drive to excel. Mindful of Allag’s penchant for conquest, the members of her family have long channeled this drive into constructive pursuits; her father is a master goldsmith who produces the finest glasswork in the realm, while her uncle was highly regarded by the Pugilist’s Guild.

Kyreann’s path to self-mastery is focused inward, leading her to be one of the relatively few so new to her field who has deduced that a Scholar’s sprites are extensions of the soul, rather than merely powered by the Scholar’s internal energy. She is also the first of her family since her grandmother to have her Allagan heritage express in her red right eye, which takes on an unnatural crimson hue when she taps deep into her powers.

After an unfortunate incident involving an old Ala Mhigan woman who called her a witch upon recognizing the Allagan Eye, Kyreann developed the habit of wearing sunglasses whenever it was feasible to do so, an easy task in sunny Ul’dah. This habit lapsed as she became more confident in her ability to defend herself, leading to at least one known instance of recognition, and possibly more.

Before being swept up in current events, Kyreann spent her days in the Adventurer’s Guild, offering to inspect artifacts and relics in exchange for food or drink or, in the case of those who had little money, tales of the ruins the relics were found in. She made her living doing leves for the Guild, eagerly taking on any that involved travelling into ruins, where she could further her own knowledge of ancient civilizations while still managing to make a living.

After meeting the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Kyreann returned to Ul’dah to search for the member with the most access to the Scions’ store of ancient lore, Archon Urianger. The Scion recognized her heritage immediately, and agreed to trade access to one of his more obscure Nymian tomes in exchange for a copy of one of her family’s Allagan journals. Within the tome, Kyreann has come across a passage of Nymian lore making reference to “Allag’s royal bloodline, which was created to be superior to mortal men.” Now she wonders if her grandmother’s insistence that they are descendants of royalty is true after all.

Kyreann Reed

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