Black Mage

In days long past, there existed an evil clan and arcane art known as black magic—a potent magic of pure destructive force born forth by a sorceress of unparalleled power. Those who learned to wield this instrument of ruin came to be called black mages, out of both fear and respect for their gift. Yet great power served to corrupt the judgment of mortal man, and so he unknowingly set out upon the path of ruin.
Adventurers who take the black will become agents of devastation, capable of annihilating those who oppose them through little more than the force of their will.

Black Mages are masters of the energetic elements of fire, water, and lightning, finders of long-buried secrets of destructive magic. They are experts at finding the hidden and unknown. Their closeness to the elements allows many of them to resist dangerous energies. Quite a few are skilled at crafting mystical items, and most know the arts of war. Black Mages wear light armor, usually enchanted to be resistant to the elements. Anything heavier tends to interfere with the elemental energies Black Mages gather around themselves. Most use magical staves as ranged weapons, but some prefer enchanted bows, fire from their hands, or even close-in melee fighting supplemented by their power. The most well known users of Black Magic are the thaumaturgist’s guild of Ul’dah, who use cold and fire for funerary rites, and to protect the city-state from occult terrors. Black Magic is discouraged in Gridania, though a rare few learn it with the blessing of some of the more volatile Elementals. A Black Mage in Limsa Lominsa is usually a powerful naval weapon, and those that hail from Ishgard were trained to channel the cold rage of Halone against the dragons that besiege the theocracy.

Class Abilities:
Awareness, Craft, Investigation, Lore, Occult, Linguistics, Resistance, War

Anima Effects:
For 10 motes, the Black Mage infuses her anima with fire, frost, or lightning. At Burning this cost decreases by 5, at Bonfire/Iconic an element must be selected. This elemental anima inflict’s Essence Withering damage to anyone who attacks her, which becomes lethal damage to enemies in Initiative Crash. It may also be used to add Essence withering damage to a melee or ranged attack. For three motes, a bolt from the anima can be fired with the Archery or Thrown skill (stats of a light mortal weapon, Stamina added instead of Strength). Each element adds a bonus effect. Frost adds two points of Inititative damage to an attack, Fire ignores two points of Soak or one of Hardness, and Lightning doubles Onslaught penalties inflicted by the attack.
For 10 motes, one Willpower, the Black Mage’s anima flares and surrounds her, absorbing her into the Lifestream over the course of the next round. With an Intelligence+Occult roll, the Black Mage can follow the energies of the Lifestream to the nearest Aetherite, and bridging an additional Aetherite connection if she wishes for each further success. She can bring others along for an additional mote each, and increases the difficulty by one for each brought along. The ability may not be used again for a number of days equal to the difficulty of the roll, plus bonus successes used for distance. There is a more dangerous version of this ability which requires all of a mage’s remaining Essence, and leads to an immediate disappearance. Two Willpower are required for each passenger. It is considered forbidden, since many fail to return.
The Black Mage exists to protect the world from the Void. He adds his Essence score to all attempts to intimidate voidsent or undead. He may also spend one mote to destroy voidsent or undead after they have been defeated, rather than allowing them to be banished. This does not apply to the souls of true immortals.

Black Mage Caste Charms involve building elemental damage into a crescendo of destruction.

Black Mage

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