Five years ago, the Empire of Garlemald attacked the city-states of Eorzea, led by Legatus Nael van Darnus. While conquest was the initial plan, further knowledge of the highly aether-saturated region and its dangerous Primals led the Legatus to a different conclusion: utter destruction. He enacted a plan to bring the Red Moon, Dalamud, crashing into the continent. His plan was narrowly stopped by a group of heroes now known only as the Warriors of Light.

Or so they thought…it became clear over the next months that the moon was leaving its orbit, and would inevitably come down in the fields of Carteneau. The Grand Companies of Eorzea gathered their savants to stop the moon with the aid of the brillian Sharlayan scholar Louisoix Leveilleur. The Empire brought their army to stop the Eorzeans from defending their land, leading to a pitched battle below the falling moon.

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Now the Warriors of Light are gone, their faces erased from history, and the Seventh Umbral Era has begun. Eorzea is no longer at war, and has rebuilt much after the Calamity. But the fragile peace is soon to be shattered, and new heroes will be needed. The leadership of the city-states are staging a memorial that will become the first Rising celebration. Heroes from across the city-states were sent as emissaries to arrange these celebrations, heroes with one thing in common: defending their respective city-states from a mysterious dark-robed figure. It is at the first memorial in Limsa Lominsa that the heroes begin to speak to one another, and compare notes…someone is working to shatter the delicate peace of post-Cataclysm Eorzea.

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Eorzea Reborn

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