Bunch of Evocations

Note: They don’t all have names yet. You get the first Evocation on the list for free. If you are out of XP, you may spend the XP you would get tonight on the second.

Wind-Imbued Amdapori Sword (Wind Crystal)

Amdapori Blade (—m; Permanent): The sword ignores 2 Soak/1 Hardness of any magical defense. In addition the sword can interact with destructive magic as if that magic were physically present, allowing its wielder to parry magical attacks.

Evocation 2 (5m; Supplemental): The Hero may make a Withering attack at up to short range, or a Decisive attack at up to medium range.

Symphony of Destruction (Earth Crystal)

Discordant Din (3m; Supplemental; Bashing; Smash): This Charm imbues the orphica with the weight of the earth, both in its material and its music. This Charm allows any of the Hero’s Performance-based attacks to be used as a Decisive attack. When used to make a Decisive attack, the attack is made against the target’s Defense. In addition, the orphica cannot be damaged through normal combat use.

Lean On Me (5m + 1i per, up to Bard’s Performance (see rules); Reflexive): This song allows a target to gain the fortitude of earth, gaining 2 Soak/1 Hardness per point of Initiative spent. The Bard pays 5m, and the recipient of the Charm must pay the Initiative cost. This Charm can only be used on a character who is benefitting from one of the Bard’s Songs.

Axe and Shield (Corrupted Crystal)

Evocation 1 (—m; Permanent): When using Parry against an elemental attack, the shield reduces the attack’s raw damage dice by half of the Hero’s Parry value. This puts one Rolling Thunder Counter on the axe.

Evocation 2 (1 Counter; Reflexive; Perilous): The Hero can spend one Rolling Thunder Counter to initiate a clash attack against an opponent attacking either the Hero or the target of their Defend Other action. If the Hero has not yet acted this turn, they lose the difference in Initiative between their Initiative and their opponent’s after their actual turn. This can send the Hero into Initiative Crash.

Lightning Sword (Lightning Crystal)

Lightning Slash (5m; Supplemental; Withering-Only): Image of the Hero, made of lightning. Image delivers attack. Up to medium range. Withering only. Flash Step can be used to make this a Decisive attack OR add 4 Withering damage due to the unexpected presence of the Hero.
Thunder Follows Lightning (2i; Supplemental): The Hero may move to take the place of the lightning image created by any other Evocation.

Bunch of Evocations

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