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Welcome to the Eorzean Adventurer’s Guild, your gateway to thrilling heroics and/or profit! We are an independent entity operating throughout the four three City-States of Eorzea (Ishgard’s Adventurer’s Guild currently unaffiliated for legal reasons). In exchange for performing contracted services for private and governmental entities within the city-states, our members are reimbursed at a competitive rate due to our collective bargaining power. We accept adventurers of all experience levels and aetheric power! Guild leves range from the slaying of a few possessed sheep to expeditions into the depths of abandoned cities! What are you waiting for? Sign up with the Adventurer’s Guild today!

But perhaps you are new to our realm of Eorzea. Below you may read about the three city-states that compose the Eorzean alliance.

City-States of Eorzea

Limsa Lominsa

If you’re reading this, you’re most assuredly within one of these three city-states, and we hope you’ve learned more about your new home. Surely now you’re asking “alright, I know where I am, but who are these people?” Well, we have your guide to the races of Eorzea, to aid you in understanding the combat capabilities of your companions right here, recently updated with information on our newest guests, the Au Ra!

Races of Eorzea

Au Ra

Racial Naming Conventions

Now that you aren’t calling the catfolk Mithra or some silly thing like that, you’re probably feeling more capable, and ready to go out and do some real adventuring! “But how?” I hear you ask. Well, martial training is traditionally accomplished by guilds within the three city-states, divided into the following classes. One of these guilds is likely to be useful to you whether you’re a run-of-the-mill sellsword or a Lifestream-blessed Hero.


Black Mage
White Mage
Red Mage

The term “Hero” has a bit of a double meaning in Eorzea. Similar to its use in whatever backwater you came from, it may refer to a person who has done great deeds, saved damsels, and slain slimy things! But in Eorzea, we also use the term Hero to refer to those skilled individuals who are able to draw the power of the Lifestream into their martial practices, and even sometimes into other abilities. While most anyone with a decent level of skill at arms can draw upon ambient aether to enhance their skills a bit, Heroes are those who have refined the talent to the point that it shapes into a visible anima around them. The following document goes into much greater detail on these Heroes.

On the Martial Uses of Anima

Bunch of Evocations

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